P   igments

Pigments are colored organic materials in the form of insoluble powders, which are mixed with various resins, solvents and additives to manufacture various types of paints/ coatings. This mainly covers waterbased acrylic emulsions, decorative paints, distempers, cement/exterior paints, synthetic enamels, industrial coatings, epoxy, marine/hammertone, stoving, acrylic lacquers, OBD etc. ICHO®LACE is safe and eco-friendly specialized products meant for coloration of paints & coatings. ICHO®LACE is fine stable pigment powder, which have a wide compatibility with various acrylic binders, additives used in paints & coatings. Pigments in ICHO®LACE are selected to impart excellent dispersion characteristics with excellent gloss, transparency, rheology, thixotropic properties to impart good gloss and consistent color value and tint strength.

Avcotex Pigment Emultion

Bringing out the joy of colors by dispersed organic pigment printing on fabrics. Avcotex Pigment Emultion is manufactured with advanced technology to provide quality results of fine color dispersion with fastness properties. Avcotex Pigment colors adopts to variety of binders to provide brilliant quality color tones and attractive shades on textile fabrics. For more diffrent options Avcotex Pigment Emultion can be experimented by different desirable colors. The pigment fabrics are dried at 80-90 C and full fixation can be obtanied in dry heat at 150 C for 4-5 minutes. The fastness properties is related to the quality of binders. We recommend the ratio of 1:4 between the avcotex to good quality binder and minimum 7-10% binder for pale shades. Only Standerd Avcotex colors are illustrated and other shades are made available to specific requirements.

Avcomine Pigment Fine Paste

Highly concerntrated hydrophilic pastes which are engineered with non-ionic and anionic wetting agents and dispersing agents. They are readily pourable and also can be mixed with variety of aqueous media to provide effactive and quality dispersion resulting in fine coloration. Their main purpouse is the coloration of synthatic resin emultion paints, wood staine, latex, soaps, lnk Peeper etc. Explanatory notes on column headings used in the table.
* 4% in a full shade emultion paints containing 1%TiO2 Rutile.
* 1% in a reduse shade emultion paint containing 20% TiO2 Rutile.
* Light fastness based on Blue Wool Scale.
* Fastness to weathering for 12 months.
The pigment content stated in % (approx) is merely intended as a guide value. The criterion in standaredization is the tentorial strenght of the paste.