Sr. No.
Name of the Product
Referance Standerds
More Info
1Avco Green 7Clariant-GNX1328-53-6TDS      MSDS
2Avco Beta Blue 15:3Own Standerd 147-14-8TDS      MSDS
3Avco Alfa Blue 15:0Own Standerd 147-14-8TDS      MSDS
4Avco Alfa Blue 15:1Own Standerd 147-14-8TDS      MSDS
5Avco Yellow-1Clariant Yellow-G2512-29-0TDS      MSDS
6Avco Yellow-3Clariant Yellow-10G 6486-23-3
7Avco Yellow-13(GRX-Op)Clariant Yellow-GR5102-83-0
8Avco Yellow-14(GRT-Op)Clariant-G5468-75-7
9Avco Yellow-17(GG)ClariantGG-O2 4531-49-1
10Avco Yellow-62CIBA WSR--
11Avco Yellow-65Own Standerd 6528-34-3
12Avco Yellow-74(5 GSC)Clariant Yellow-5GX6358-31-2
13Avco Yellow-74(2 GSC)Clariant Yellow-2GX6358-31-2
14Avco Yellow-83(HR-Op)Clariant Yellow-HR5567-15-7
15Avco Yellow-83(HR-O2)Clariant Yellow-HR-O25567-15-7
16Avco Yellow-151Clariant Yellow-H4G31837-42-0
17Avco Yellow-168Own Standerd 71832-85-4
18Avco Yellow-191:1Clariant Yellow-HGR129423-54-7
19Avco Orange-5Clariant Red 2G3768-63-1TDS      MSDS
20Avco Orange-13Clariant Orange G3520-72-7 TDS    MSDS
21Avco Orange-34Clariant Orange GR15793-73-4 TDS    MSDS
22Avco Orange-34(L/F)Clariant's Orange-34(RL - 70)--
23Avco Red-3Clariant Hansa Red-B2425-85-6 TDS    MSDS
24Avco Red-4Pidilite Signal Red-R-1112814-77-9 TDS    MSDS
25Avco Red-5Own Standerd --
26Avco Red-8Own Standerd 6410-60-6 TDS    MSDS
27Avco Red-48:4Own Standerd 5280-66-0 TDS    MSDS
28Avco Red-53:1(L.R.SC/SC-507)Clariant Lake Red LC/Sudarshan's-507 5160-02-1 TDS    MSDS
29Avco Red-57:1(Spl.)CIBA 4BP5281-04-9 TDS    MSDS
30Avco Red-63:1Sudarshan's Maroon Toner-6056417-83-0 TDS    MSDS
31Avco Red-112(Reg)Clariant Red FGR6535-46-2 TDS    MSDS
32Avco Red-112(O2)Clariant Rad FGR-O2--
33Avco Red-146Clariant Carmine Red FBB-O25280-68-2 TDS    MSDS
34Avco Red-170(F5RK/WR)Clariant Red F5RK/Sudarshan's-2967 2786-76-7 TDS    
35Avco Red-170(F3RK)Clariant Red F3RK/Sudarshan's-29632786-76-7 -
36Avco Red-184Own Standerd --TDS