Sr. No.
Name of the Product
Referance Standerds
More Info
1Avco Beta Blue 15:3Own Standerd 147-14-8TDS
2Avco Alfa Blue 15:0Own Standerd 147-14-8TDS
3Avco Green 7Clariant GNX1328-53-6
4Avco Yellow-1Clariant Yellow-G2512-29-0TDS
5Avco Yellow-3Clariant Yellow-10G6486-23-3
6Avco Yellow-12Clariant Yellow-12(DHG)6358-85-6
7Avco Yellow-13(GRX-OP)Clariant Yellow-GR5102-83-0
8Avco Yellow-14(GRT-OP)Clariant Yellow-G--
9Avco Yellow-74(5 GSC)Clariant Yellow-5GX6353-31-2
10Avco Yellow-83(HR-OP)Clariant Yellow-HR5567-56-7
11Avco Orange-5Clariant Red 2G3468-63-1TDS
12Avco Orange-13Clariant Orange G3520-72-7TDS
13Avco Orange-34Clariant Orange GR15793-73-4TDS
14Avco Red-2Clariant Red 26041-94-7TDS
15Avco Red-5Own Standerd --TDS
16Avco Red-8Own Standerd 6410-60-6TDS
17Avco Red-12Clariant Bordeaux F2R--
18Avco Red-112(Reg)Clariant Red FGR6535-46-2TDS
19Avco Red-146Clariant Carmine Red FBB O25280-68-2TDS
20Avco Red-170(F5RK)Clariant Red F5RK2786-76-7TDS